Your Desk Is Making You Stupid

Sitting around all day isn’t just making you unhealthy. It might also be making you dumber.


What’s Jeremy Lin Worth to the Knicks?

Strange weekend for the New York Knicks. It left newly signed point guard Jason Kidd’s Cadillac Escalade dented on a roadside near the Southampton (N.Y.) telephone pole he collided with before being arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated. And it left the Knicks with a very sticky decision about the fate of their other point guard, Jeremy Lin.

Industry Leader.

A special congratulations to our President and CEO Antoine Bell who will be featured in our industry magazine next month for having the best results in the 2011 calendar year. The results were based on many factors including overall growth, client satisfaction, total client acquisitions, and profitability.

We are so proud of you Antoine and all of the other Managers, Assistant Managers, Corporate Trainers, and Account Executives who’s combined effort culminated in such amazing results.

Let’s win it again for 2012!

Antoine Bell, President and CEO

Transition Lessons From Chicago’s Transit Upheaval

Chicago’s dilemma mirrors a type of difficult decision many companies have faced. When a long-term improvement project or overhaul is needed that will inevitably impact a company’s operations, how do managers decide whether to shut down completely to expedite the change, or to maintain some level of operations in hopes of appeasing the apple cart?