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Industry Leader.

A special congratulations to our President and CEO Antoine Bell who will be featured in our industry magazine next month for having the best results in the 2011 calendar year. The results were based on many factors including overall growth, client satisfaction, total client acquisitions, and profitability.

We are so proud of you Antoine and all of the other Managers, Assistant Managers, Corporate Trainers, and Account Executives who’s combined effort culminated in such amazing results.

Let’s win it again for 2012!

Antoine Bell, President and CEO


About The BBB Conglomerate

Building a Business Empire! Mission In the next 18 months, at our clients request, we will have 10 branches operating. We will have 50 offices in five years and 150+ in the following five. In the meantime, international expansion is also a company goal. Our vision is to stay true to our core values of rewarding work ethic and integrity and keep providing opportunity from within. Company Overview We are an outsourced sales, marketing, and consulting firm. We provide our clients with a face to face sales and marketing force business to business as well as business to consumer. Our goal is to increase our clients brand and service recognition in their target markets. We are currently representing various Fortune 100, Fortune 500 and top tier companies in several staple industries. We focus on customer acquisition and customer retention. We offer our clients a competitive advantage by directly connecting with their customers one-on-one, and facilitating the trust between the two parties by being the “Warm Handshake and the Smile”. On top we guarantee all of our clients 100% return on their investment in our services. After all, who really watches commercials or pays attention to viral marketing in this era of Tivo® and spam inboxes?! We will put a much more direct and efficient channel of marketing at your disposition.